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1. Hiring of the facility

1.1      The booking contract is between the Hirer (as stated on the booking form or confirmation) and HTCFC.  It consists of the booking form or confirmation and these Terms and Conditions of Hire (‘the Contract’).    The Contract will only come into force upon HTCFC confirming the booking to the Hirer.


2. Obligations of the Hirer

The Hirer shall:

  1. Take good care of and cause no damage to any furniture, equipment or fittings situated within the facility.

  2. Not remove any of the property from the facility.

  3. Comply with all fire precautions applicable to the facility.

  4. Leave the facility in the same order and condition at the end of each Hire Period as it was found at the beginning of the Hire Period.

  5. Not allow anyone not authorised by HTCFC to enter or use the facility during the Hire Period.

  6. Pay the cost of repair of any damage to the facility or any equipment, furniture or fittings resulting from the negligence or misuse by the Hirer or anyone using the facility by arrangement with the Hirer.

  7. Use the facility only for the activities indicated on the booking form/confirmation.

  8. Ensure its’ activity finishes at the end of the relevant hire period on the booking form/confirmation.

3. Damage to the Facility

3.1      The Hirer shall inform HTCFC immediately of any damage or losses caused to the facility.

3.2      The Hirer shall be responsible for any damage or losses caused to the facility or any property under this Contract and shall pay the cost of replacement or repair as determined by HTCFC.

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