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Hitchin Town Community Football Club evolved from the Community & Development work that had previously been delivered through Hitchin Town FC.


The Football Club were delivering a number of programmes under the umbrella of "Football in the Community" with a range of partners, including North Hertfordshire District Council (NHDC), North Hertfordshire College (NHC), Hertfordshire FA (HFA), Hertfordshire County Council (HCC), North Herts Adult Care Services, North Herts Youth Service and local schools.


The programmes fell into 6 categories:


  1. North Hertfordshire District Council (NHDC) Programme   

  2. Scholarship Scheme                

  3. Coaching Clinics & Competitions

  4. Schools Programme    

  5. Disability Football Programme           

  6. Community Action Campaigns


These programmes were developed and built upon, leading to the need for a specialised team to take them further. Hence the formation of Hitchin Town Community Football Club, a not-for-profit organisation formed specifically to carry out the Community Development programme throughout North Herts.


Today we are still focused on the above categories and much more, as you will see from exploring our website.




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